Hibiscus Tequila Cocktail

Our first experiment with hibiscus cocktails yielded an absolute winner. We invited our neighbors over for cocktails and dinner and this pitcher of drinks was gone in no time. When having quests over for drinks, I love using drink recipes that can be made in a pitcher ahead of time. Not only do you get to enjoy your guests more without constantly having to re-make new drinks, but you save time by serving multiple people at once versus a cocktail shaker, which only does two drinks at a time.

The color of this deep ruby-colored cocktail is so pretty. I served it with brandied cherries, which provided a beautiful matching color, but a lime wedge would be great also.

Hibiscus Tequila Cocktail

Serves 6-8

Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher and serve immediately. If you are planning to make this ahead of time, add all the ingredients, except for the tonic water and refrigerate. Before serving, add the tonic water, stir and serve over ice.



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