Becoming a Master Food Volunteer

This week I started a training program through the Virginia Cooperative Extension to become a Master Food Volunteer (MFV). Volunteers are trained on current, research-based knowledge regarding nutrition, food preparation, food safety and physical activity to become educators in the community. When I finish the training program at the end of this month, I will be trained to do food demonstrations at farmer’s markets and senior centers, lead nutrition education and cooking programs for recipients of local food banks, work with local 4-H groups on nutrition and health education or provide information on healthy meal planning to mentally challenged adults. I’m really excited for the opportunity to do some volunteer work in our local community and to expand my interest in food to advocate for a healthy and safe approach to choosing and preparing the food we eat.

I hope to share my experiences with my volunteer efforts where I can and when it doesn’t violate any privacy concerns for participants of the program so stay turned for future posts on my volunteer activities. Since I’ve left international development work to stay home with my son, I’ve still felt the need to contribute in a positive way to help others so this program will allow me to do that on days Oliver is at preschool and on weekends.

And, of course, I’m hoping this training and volunteer work will have a positive impact on me and my family as well as positively influence the recipes and posts that I write about!


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