Half Pint Garden is expanding!

There has been a bit of a lull in posts lately. I’d love to say that I’ve been so busy in the kitchen whipping up amazing, delicious meals that I just didn’t have time to write them all up. But, I’ve been a bit tired lately and any extra time that I get to myself is usually spent napping these days.

But, all for good reason as I’m pregnant with our next half pint! We are expecting a baby boy to join our family in November and we are so excited! Oliver is excited to be a big brother and even talks and sings to the baby though the portal that is my belly button. It really is the cutest thing!

We had a couple of very stressful weeks recently where our doctor found what she thought was a molar pregnancy along with a healthy baby, confirmed by 3 other doctors. A molar pregnancy is very serious as it essentially becomes a tumor that would continue to grow, crowding out the baby, causing a late miscarriage or very pre-term delivery and the tumor itself could become cancerous for me, among other health concerns. We were given a 30% chance of having the baby and a 50% chance of needing chemotherapy if I was able to have the baby. Very scary.

While molar pregnancies on their own are not super rare, to have one growing along with a healthy baby is very rare. We went back for continued ultrasounds over two weeks and, based on their testing, the doctors no longer believe that we are at risk for this, although we will go back for frequent monitoring for the duration of the pregnancy. We are so incredibly relieved that we have a, hopefully, healthy pregnancy to look forward to and that our new little man should be staying put until he’s ready to make his appearance on or near his due date.

I’m definitely planning to keep up with the blog and hope to post as often as I can for the foreseeable future, but there may be lulls in postings from time to time, and I’ll take a hiatus at the end of the year for some time while we adjust to being a family of four!

In the meantime, even though it took me several weeks, I finally have our garden planted so I look forward to sharing highlights from the garden and delicious summer produce ideas. And, because its so quick and easy to post, please follow Half Pint Garden on Instagram and Facebook too!


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