Hibiscus Simple Syrup

Several years ago, I visited the Valhalla Experimental Station in Antigua, Guatemala, while on vacation. They are known for their macadamia nuts, which they grow on the property and make in to chocolates and other products. But, I vividly remember the delicious hibiscus iced tea that I had at the beautiful, topical farm, which was fruity, floral and a stunning ruby red color. Hibiscus flowers … Continue reading Hibiscus Simple Syrup

Big Batch Tomato Meat Sauce

Every year around this time, I get a little burned out on making sweet, fruity jams and start to focus on putting up tomatoes for the winter months. Because my tomato plants don’t yield a huge amount, I turn to bulk buying tomatoes at the farmers markets. Each week the vendors lay out all their colorful varieties of heirloom tomatoes, but I end up bypassing … Continue reading Big Batch Tomato Meat Sauce

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Every year when my tomato plants start producing, I can always rely on the cherry tomato as the star performer. I usually go out every few days and can pick upwards of a pound of cherry tomatoes each time. While these tomatoes are delicious right out of the garden, I like roasting these little guys as it sweetens and deepens up their flavor even more. … Continue reading Roasted Cherry Tomatoes