Chive Blossom Vinegar

Making chive blossom vinegar is one of my favorite signs of spring. It produces such a beautifully pink color that I absolutely love. And it just could not be any easier to make! I start off by picking the chive blossoms when they are in full bloom. If your blossoms bloom at different times, start with a critical mass, then add the remaining blossoms when … Continue reading Chive Blossom Vinegar

Little Blue Truck Birthday Party

Our sweet, funny little man just turned 2! We hosted a party at our house for our friends and family and had a few of Oliver’s friends over too. I love using literary themes for kids birthday parties as there are so many personal touches you can make with them. Last year, I picked “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” by Eric Carle for his first birthday … Continue reading Little Blue Truck Birthday Party

Pickled Spring Onion Deviled Eggs

In the spring of 2014, I was eager to get back to canning after the long winter and birth of my son. There wasn’t much in the way of spring fruits at the market at that point yet, but I wanted to find something to get me back in the preserving spirit. I came across a recipe by the fabulous Cathy Barrow for Pickled Spring … Continue reading Pickled Spring Onion Deviled Eggs

Caramelized Red Onions

After months of putting up jar after jar of jams and jellies, I head in to fall looking to make sure I have some preserves that are more versatile and can be used for more savory winter cooking. I came across a recipe for Caramelized Red Onion Relish in Marisa McClellan’s book “Food in Jars”. She recommends pairing this relish with ricotta or goat cheese … Continue reading Caramelized Red Onions

5 More Things…

After writing up my synopsis of Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s course at the King Arthur Baking Education Center, I found there were a few things that I thought were great tidbits of information so here are five additional tips about jams and preserves. If the recipe calls for processing times of 10 minutes or greater, there is no need to sterilize the jars in boiling water beforehand. … Continue reading 5 More Things…