Zinfandel-Braised Short Ribs

You know when you make something good, like really, really good? Like restaurant-quality good? Lick the plate good? When you dream about it that night and you are counting down the minutes until you can eat the leftovers for lunch the next day? (Or is that just me?) Well, this recipe is good. Really, really good. And, as we were eating leftovers the next night, … Continue reading Zinfandel-Braised Short Ribs

Hibiscus Simple Syrup

Several years ago, I visited the Valhalla Experimental Station in Antigua, Guatemala, while on vacation. They are known for their macadamia nuts, which they grow on the property and make in to chocolates and other products. But, I vividly remember the delicious hibiscus iced tea that I had at the beautiful, topical farm, which was fruity, floral and a stunning ruby red color. Hibiscus flowers … Continue reading Hibiscus Simple Syrup