Bison Osso Buco

We had some friends over recently for dinner and, despite the warm December weather we’ve been having, I wanted to do a really great braise. I absolutely love Molly Stevens’ book “All About Braising” and found a recipe for osso buco, but I adapted it using bison shanks that I picked up at our local farmer’s market. The traditional accompaniment to osso buco is risotto … Continue reading Bison Osso Buco

Roasted Tomato Sauce with Spinach Pasta

Upon returning home from our long trip, I spied several red tomatoes in the garden still holding their own in late September. I picked about 20 medium tomatoes and wanted to find an easy way to use them up quickly, since a few of them seemed like they’d been hanging around awhile. Because these are late season tomatoes, I wasn’t sure how flavorful they would … Continue reading Roasted Tomato Sauce with Spinach Pasta