Peach Salsa

When we came back from our recent peach picking adventure, I knew that I wanted to make a peach salsa. After I reviewed a few recipes, I adapted two recipes to come up with this salsa. Normally I don’t recommend making changes to canning recipes because of the risk of changing the acidity level, making the final product unsafe. But, I felt comfortable with these … Continue reading Peach Salsa

Individual Peach Crisp

After our recent peach picking excursion, I wanted to make a peach crisp, but also wanted to control the portion sizes so decided to make them in small ramekins. They were loaded with peaches with just a little crumble on top. They baked up delicious and seemed so healthy, I added a small scoop of vanilla ice cream on top for a bit of a Sunday night indulgence. Continue reading Individual Peach Crisp